How do we create the world that works for all?

What do we understand that means?

And how do politicians, business leaders and non-profits best work together on this front?

Our Historic Moment: Purpose, Planet and Places to Intervene

Our Historic Moment articulates the vision for our activity across the globe, and explores the root causes that block us from achieving it.  Whether simply inertia, lack of information reaching the right people, or other factors, pitfalls abound.  Real paths forward are available to us to get past these pitfalls, but our time to act is now.  And it is critical that we do so.

Whether looking to science, religion or other sources for guidance, real lessons and implications can be found for:

  • Political Leaders
  • Business Managers
  • Policy Makers
  • Ecology Advocates
  • Those working for Social Justice


All of us hold power to help maintain what's working as well as drive positive change. Critical to this work is understanding the best leverage points for intervention, so we are as effective as we can possibly be. And with vision defined, leverage points clear and mindset properly attuned, our actions naturally flow from there.

You can contribute toward the many solutions that are articulated in this book. Even more important, you can define your own solutions using the Our Historic Moment framework.

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At less than 100 pages, Our Historic Moment is a manageable read to help you see the path forward.

No matter whether you're new to tackling solutions for your community, country and planet; feeling frustrated by the state of affairs, but not seeing how to proceed; or you already consider yourself an actively engaged change agent, welcome!

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